The Invader, an immersive opera with multi-channel speaker system

Lu Wang

is a non-traditional immersive opera experience about the procedure of manipulation between human and machine. Audiences will be surrounded by multi-channel speaker system and experience the storytelling purely through the live performed sound and one screen which one of the performer will be remotely projected.


Merleau Ponty’s book, inspires me to think about the question as a composer, on how to create a sound experience which can extend our auditory perception through music and storytelling extensively.

For seeking the answer to the question, I started to develop a series of live performance project with immersive sound experience equipped with live-controlled multi-channel speaker system since the algorithm composition course and interactive music course I took in 2017.

This project is based on the intention of creating an illusionary acoustic experience, which calls for the formation of horizon been built through soundscape and audiences’ unconsciously perceptions. To achieve this effect, I created in real time soundscape through the multi-channel speaker control system.

Four layers (ingredients) are included and controlled through the whole performance. They are real-time voice recording, live processed sound signal, synthesized sound and studio recorded music materials.

On this project, the sound is used to tell the story. I will use sound to express the procedure of how human and machine are anxiously invading each other under modern society context.