The Tree of Babel

You Jin Chung

This project is a research journey to analyze narrative structure in interactive media, such as video game, interactive film, and game books.


Interactive media such as video game, interactive film and ergodic literature have non-linear narrative structure, which is the critical feature to makes them original genre. The structure of those genres has interesting patterns: branching, clustering, redirection. The goal of this project is research on how to analyze the pre-existing interactive works using graph theory, and generate new patterns for new pieces. The project scraped the database of manually analyzed graphs from Choose Your Own Adventure gamebooks. By formatting the narrative graphs to sparse matrixes, K-means clustering can categorize them to distinct patterns. After they cluster database, it is possible to generate similar matrixes of categorized patterns and change them to graphs to visualize. This project also used text samples to fill nodes narratives of the graphs. By extracting entities of the text and information extraction of Natural Language Processing, the project fills word in the narrative structure. The next step of this project will be how to extract world status out of the full text and vectorize their relationship.