Unearthing Thread

Isabella Vento

Drawing from psychogeography, postnaturalism, and socio-spatial theory, Unearthing Thread is a research-based project that develops methods of engaging with the infrastructure networks of Manhattan. It is the genesis of a speculative and playful action that urges to be reproduced in small slices of any urban landscape.



Unearthing Thread is an ongoing collective inquiry of the urban landscape. Through a series of participatory walks, infrastructure space is questioned. With speculative props and tools, groups of attendees become an interdependent entity. And through an archive of documentation & research, the collected data becomes a poetic, digital artifact. The clauses for the happenings that have unfolded are as follows:

This event is not tourism.
This event may only be carried out as a group.
This event calls to foster attention for material and inanimate things to improve the consideration of human and nonhuman lifeforms.
This event distills emergence and documents it.
This event is temporary and fleeting with goals of permanence & intention.