Unknown Universe

Joohyun Park

Unknown Universe is an aesthetic web VR experience of an imagined world beyond the observable universe.



The way our universe is designed and unfolding resonates with me. As an artist and as an engineer, I view the indefiniteness of the universe as highly potential. Yes, most part of our universe remains unresolved. And tha’s where Unknown Universe starts from.

The Unknown Universe is a web VR exploration aimed at people with a strong curiosity to the outer world. Amongst different terms, I describe this project as a web art. I would like to invite you to the cosmic world I imagine. It is the multidimensional scene with latent layers and interaction. Also, the aesthetic space experience delivered through technology-driven expression.

What is out there? While fully addressing it will require a significant amount of time, I hope Unknown Universe takes us one step closer to wonders of the universe.