Wu Wei

Meicheng Jia

An immersive projection installation experience inspired by the Chinese philosophy Wu Wei( peaceful mind). This experience is to reflect user’s brain activity through visual art and to help people realize the importance of tranquility.



Wu Wei was designed in order to encourage people to relax both their body and mind. It is an immersive interactive installation which exhibit the importance of tranquility through visual and sound.
Wu Wei symbolizes the essence of a peaceful mind, by which means one should not force out any ideas, but to embrace the peacefulness and let ideas come to oneself, and that peaceful state of mind is the key concept from the philosophy of Daoism.
The fast-paced modern life has brought people nothing but anxiety, people are often working under high pressure and the competitiveness of our culture are forcing people to try and to strive, which opposes the philosophy of Wu Wei. However, a lot of times constantly trying and striving can be the most inefficient way when it comes to generating ideas. For instance, for artists and musicians, a lot of the times creative ideas comes for us automatically, we can’t force it to come us.
I want people to think this installation as the physical embodiment of a mind, each particle represents one idea, and when their brain is at ease, these small particles would form into a much larger sphere.The idea of using sphere instead of other shapes comes directly from Daoism, the Ba Gua Map, which represents balance and tranquility.