Daniel Aaron Liss


Urban panoramic landscapes yield up lyrical surprises when you call the wall from your cellphone.


Big Screens,Redial: Interactive Telephony

equal parts architecture, full-scale model, and advent calendar, these images take advantage of the unique size and aspect ratio of the IAC building's giant screen. an interplay between urban and rural, public and private, and a sort of imagined before and after builds as visitors interact via their cellphones.

after working for the last few years in tiny 320 x 240 canvases of video, this project uses the expanse of 8160 x 768 -> 120 x 12 feet large.

anybody in the space with cellphones...

User Scenario
discovering a phone number among the background images, users call in and receive instructions of how to interact with the screen.

video, giant photographic backgrounds, asterisk, java, processing, and various servers playing well together...

putting a call in to "art" is fun.