Daniela Stepensky Koplewicz
Michael Rosenthal
Xiaoyang Feng

Beat Blocks

Wireless wooden blocks control fat beats!


Collaborative Mesh Networking,Introduction to Physical Computing - Wed AM (Igoe)

The beat blocks are wireless realtime audio controllers built to allow a more natural control of musical dynamics for musical performance. Each block is a 4" cube made of wood and hollowed out to fit the circuitry. Two of the blocks are comprised of a 3-axis accelorometer attached to an XBee (series one) radio and 9volt battery. The third block has 6 photocells and an XBee radio and 9volt battery. These three blocks transmit control data back to an XBee radio attached to a laptop computer running MaxMSP. The Max patch has 6 different drum loops running, and depending on which side of the photocelled block is in total darkness, that beat is playing. if more than one side of that block is dark, then multiple beats play together (in sync). The two accelorometer blocks control aspects of the sound such as pitch, comb filter, etc.