JaeYoon Kang
Noriaki Okada

BnD messenger

Designing a communication device between Blind and Deaf people.


Introduction to Physical Computing - Thu (Steiner),Introduction to Physical Computing - Tue (Andraos),Networked Objects

We are going to make a portable device to communicate between blind and deaf people. This device is working on a wireless network and is able to send or receive messages between blind and deaf people. Our main purpose is how they can communicate smoothly and providing the environment better than now. This tool has 2 functions to realize our concept.

Function.1 Communication via Wireless SMS with cell phone
This tool can send and receive SMS date with cell phone. Basically, all of us including blind and deaf people have a cell phone nowadays. Therefore, in order to provide better environment for them, there should be function of changing data with cell phone. This function makes it possible for blind and deaf to communicate each other.

Function2 Communication between 2 Devices (optional)
We are going to make 2 devices for each deaf and blind people. These devieces can change messeages each oher and make them suitable date for blind and deaf to communicate. For the blind people, we are going to use a general braille as an input & output letters. A speaker will be attached to output sounds. For the deaf people, we are going to use a general cell phone screen as an output device. 10 keypads will be attached to write text message.