Eugene Ahn

Body Architecture

Mobile future Architecture which will form its shape through the relationship with the dweller.

Metaforms,The Softness of Things: Technology in Space and Form

Body Architecture is the manifestation of the desire to create a notion of new home as a space that is flexible, movable and changeable. By building micro environment to the body, our body becomes a plane enables present action to take place, with the sense of being connected, secured and comforted which our home is providing.
We expand our group of body by creating mobile community of the flexible plug in space. Our new body is mutable architecture that is agent of the new culture. We move ourselves to the realm of mutable structure where our physicality is no longer separated from the outside. We intervene, emerge and even become the space without distinctions. As a space, it will allow us greater curiosity and movement to explore and wander around new groups and the cities, which will drive formation of a human's notion of home and community in new way.


User Scenario
It is part of ongoing, long term research project. So I will have my research materials, 3D modeling on the screen, physical models and materials ready to share and show the development of the project till now.

3D modeling on Maya
concept drawings displayed on panels.
physical models of the possible skin of the architecture.