Adam Simon
Corrine Brown
Marc Covitz

Booty Dialer

Use our database to get to third base.

Redial: Interactive Telephony

Booty Dialer is an automatic booty call system which saves you time and embarrassment when trying to find a hookup at the end of the night. After setting up an account on the website, users can place a single call to kick off their search for love. Booty Dialer then leverages the power of Asterisk to call each of your contacts in turn, searching for the perfect match. When a contact tells us they want your booty, you're immediately connected so you can sort out the details. You can sort your contact list manually, or let Booty Dialer do the work of finding someone likely to say "yes" on the first call, or even the contact nearest to you.

When a user calls Booty Dialer, Asterisk uses the caller ID to retrieve the list of contacts from a MySQL database. A PHP script then generates an outgoing call file for the first contact, who is then routed to the dialplan. If they say "no," a call file is generated for the next contact, but if they say "yes," they are placed in a conference room with the user, bridging the calls. All contact list management is handled in PHP with an AJAX front-end, with sorting by proximity managed through the users' Dodgeball XML feeds.