Ana Maria Gutierrez
Maria Mendez
Rucyl Mills

Brick Screen

Brick Screen is a three dimensional projection screen of 120 mini-screens, 2' x 8', meant to add depth and form to any projected image.

Live Image Processing and Performance,Metaforms,Spatial Design

Should culture be left untouched, or should change be embraced? Moving stories of light project onto a projection screen made of 120 brick-shaped mini-screens dispersed between 5 planes in Jose Gilbert Ramirez community park next to a subway station, at the crossroads of gentrification and transport. This metaform is meant to discuss the ever-changing cultural landscape of Bushwick, Brooklyn. Like the social complexities of a transitional neighborhood, Brick Screen is multi-faceted with five separate viewing planes, none of which are the same. Hinting at a resemblance to a brick wall, the position of the bricks was generated with an algorithm, representing the randomness and irony of displacement, and paralleling the beauty and isolation of Bushwick's industrial areas. When the screen is approached, the projected content reacts, just as a neighborhood can react to new residents, and new residents react to an old neighborhood.

Brick Screen is made of aluminum and plastic. Max/Msp is the programming language used to control the movement and reactivity of the projected content.