Catherine Tai
Eugene Ahn

Bubble Talk

a network device which visualize how talkative you are within a group

Networked Objects

There are always imbalance of talking in a group conversation. Especially when some people are not using their mother language. We are interested to see how the visualization will affect a group conversation. With bubble talk, everyone will wear a talking bubble. Talking will generate power to make the bubble lights up. The more you talk, the more power you get.The amount of talking is relative to the whole group, hopefully to make talkative people listen more and encourage the shy ones to speak up

Any conversation group

User Scenario
It start with a group with conversation. The more you talk, the brighter the talking bubble is. The brightness acts as a compliment and the shy people should speak up in order to

We are using xbee radio for networking all the participants and compare their amount of talking. Microphones are used to receive sound inputs and the brightness of lights in the talking bubble indicates the output