Frederick Benenson

Committee Caller allows citizens to powerfully target and communicate with their congressional representatives.

Redial: Interactive Telephony

Committee Caller is a dynamic web application integrated with an Asterisk PBX that allows users to specifically target representatives of particular committees in Washington DC using the phone. The application automates the tedious process of finding and calling phone numbers of committee members and their legislative assistants while also allowing for call quality tracking.

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Open House Project
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Anyone interested in having direction access to house members and senators will be interested in CommitteCaller.

User Scenario
User visits and selects a single committee to target. User enters his or her phone number, and receives a call. The CommitteeCaller application then guides the user through individual calls to different committee members and helps them track their progress and call success.

CommitteeCaller runs on all free software: Asterisk, PHP, MySQL, and Apache is all that is needed to run it.

There are many many possible iterations of members and committees (there are around 5000 in my database.) And that there is an insufficient amount of publicly available databases to help people contact their representatives.