Piama Habibullah

do you see what i see?

Our "futures” are present in all cities perceived by our imaginations, come see.


Live Image Processing and Performance,Metaforms

Italo Calvino’s Invisible Cities is so called because it asserts that what makes up a city is not so much its physical structure but the impression it imparts upon its visitors, the way its inhabitants move within, something unseen that hums between the cracks. The Central Park Reservoir is a location within our city that provides a notion of being on an island within an island within an island. Explore on unseen paths, let a slower pace overtake you, and find crystal globes that might contain your perspective of your city's construction. Each globe contains an assumption of what could be but is not yet so. Like a periscope, you are offered a different view than what you may perceive. They are linked by narrative or completely independent. What is imagined as possible is a moment later, no longer there.