Amanda OBrien
Hatti Lim

‘Excuse’ Yourself

Generate fake text messages with random emergencies to get you out of awkward social situations.

Dynamic Web Development,Flash Lite Application Development - sec 01

This project involves an observation on our current social arena involving our tendencies to overcommit in social situations, obligatory social gatherings, and our reliance on mobile devices. Using flash lite, php, and web/WAP interfaces, we plan to have a fully functional service that allows you to automate your cellphone to send you emergencies via text messages with a programmable time delay.

people with social anxiety disorder, singles, etc

User Scenario
Your roommate is setting you up. You hate going on blind dates, but you've already committed and its too late to cancel. Send a text message to the excuse generator to automate an emergency 30 minutes into the date. Make sure your phone is on its loudest setting, and when the fateful time arrives, you will have a new message. Depending on how the date is going, you can either 1) glance down at your text and continue on your date or 2) inform your date of the emergency and show him/her the proof (and the door).

flash lite, php, (flashlite-enabled) phone, webpage