Scott Varland


facecast is a news network that allows users to create a YouTube broadcast from the feeds on their facebook site.

Performing Technology,Project Development Studio (Danny)

By the close of 2007, there will be few people who have not at least heard of Facebook. With more than 49 million active users and a current exponential expansion rate averaging 4 million new users per month, it is the fastest growing social networking phenomenon on the web and is ranked seventh in pageviews ( @ 15 billion /month; MySpace holds on to the first position). One stand out, and increasingly important, feature of the site has been the friend news feed. This is a scrolling inventory of short ‘headlines’ that capture the goings on within your network, allowing Facebook users to promote and maintain the hundreds of loose connections formed through the technology.

From the mundane to the exotic, and triumph to calamity, the news feed has become a highly valued and important feature on facebook. - Your friend Diane added new photos, Addie removed "bittersweet irony" from her interests, and Martin added the My Purity Test application. My goal, though somewhat tongue and cheek, is to create a news network out of this content.

The ‘studio’ consists of a small chair, desk, teleprompter, camera and network connection in a container that loosely resembles a photo booth. The station captures your news feed from Facebook, parses the data into a readable format, and alerts nearby ‘anchors’ that new news is ready to be produced. As the user takes their seat, the friend feed is delivered to a teleprompter, images are overlayed, audio is cued, and a camera records the broadcast. After each segment, the anchor is given the choice to automatically upload the broadcast to YouTube; resulting in a nearly live broadcast.