Meng Li
Sandra Irma Davila

For our dear husbands

For those husbands who can't understand why their wifes suddenly turns to a different person. Also for those wives who can't understand and remember their own cycle.

Introduction to Physical Computing - Wed AM (Igoe)

The project consist in a wall clock, one handle will be dedicated to track the women’s period and tell the men when the women is getting their period. The other handle is adjustable by the women to set her daily mood of sex. The clock will remember the moment in the cycle of a women and her mood of sex for the next period cycle to display.
The clock is designed to help build and keep good relationship; to help couples remember and understand the physical and psychological period cycle of woman; to help women look back to see their cycle and help find the relationship between mood and menstrual cycle.

You can read in our fist post in our blog, the process that brought us to this idea:

Relationships with communication problems. Women who find hard to keep track of their period.

User Scenario
The women set up at 12 a clock the fist day of a cycle the period handle, or makes an aproximation if she is in the middle, she would place it at 6 o clock. She will input in a program (in processing) the approximate days that her cycle takes and the fist day of her cycle (the program will do the rest). From there on, she will dial her mood of Sex in to another clock that is made for tracking. After her fist cycle is over, she could see her mood of sex displayed the next month and she can correct them if their wrong. The clock will be in the room, and will be big enough for the man to also keep track of her wife's period and mood of sex.