Matthew Fargo


Gigantic scratch-off tickets and sculptures---interactive art reduced to a simple, powerful form.

Big Games

The Fort/Da game of hiding and revealing is one of the essential mechanics of art, and the basis for most interactivity, as well. By painting over a number of macro photographs and enticingly-shaped sculptures, users are invited to scratch off their coatings and discover the works beneath--the contents of which are meant to make the user aware of the fundamental role of violence in interaction and art consumption. The desire to scratch off is both death-drive and eros, to undress but also to destroy, as in the act of scratching them off users will be essentially "ruining" the pieces.

Most of the research involved figuring out how to keep paint from sticking to the very sticky surface of a freshly-printed photograph. Matte spray sealer is the key. Other research involved reading Freud's "Jenseits des Lustprinzips" and assorted works by De Sade.

Anyone with fingernails.

User Scenario
Users will scratch the silver latex coating from pictures and sculptures. Pictures/sculptures can be repainted overnight, as the latex dries very quickly.

Wide-format photo prints, latex paint, silver flakes, matte spray sealer.

The interactive can indeed feel like high art, if it is careful and deliberate about its interactivity.