Justin Downs


Homeostasis is a system used to develop a technological extension of your subconscious, with the goal of informing/controlling the networks you participate in.


Collaborative Mesh Networking,Computational Form,Computers for the Rest of You,Networked Objects

Putting the ME into hoME
(this is not an AI)

The mental and physical extensions of self create the cognitive methods and structures we use to design and live our worlds. The current sociological technologies put new demands and structures onto the individual creating a multi-formed self that interacts not only with others direct social needs but also with the ghosted need of technology. To have email means you have to check email. The current modes of interface disallow for a informed agreement and understanding between the individual and the new technologies . There currently is only a direct yes no, use/non-use interaction. The HOMEostais is a method to open up a communication between the individual and her technologies.

The basis of the HOMEostasis system is the transferring of personal biometric data into the surrounding environment via a personalized graphing/control application. This transferring links the environments system in a feedback loop with the individual allowing for the maintaining of many technological devices and processes with one action.

The system is based around a module/s that can be placed around a home or other environment, when a individual lays their hands on the module it will record their biometric data ( heart rate and galvanic skin response). Once a accurate reading has been received it will transfer it to a pc where a control application is running. The computer application is the "heart" and "soul" of the environmental system. Here the data is processed combatoraly instead of corralarraly. This allows for the computer system to control many outputs of the environment without the users direct input for each process. Once the data is processed the application will initiate its control structure through the electrical lines of the house using x10 serial commands to various devices. The output can also be fed into other control applications on the computer, allowing for complete environmental informing, from the current light and temperature levels to the rate you want to check your email. The interface can support one person or a group of people, allowing for a environment to change with the needs of all individuals in the system.