Andrew Doro
Kyveli Vezani

In Touch

Networked LED screens which remain constantly in sync by communicating over the internet.

Networked Objects

In Touch lets users have an ongoing conversation with each other by transmitting color images over the internet.

Glowbits by Daniel Hirschmann showed some of the expressive possibilities of full color LEDs in a tactile display.

Action at a Distance by Gian Pablo Villamil showed the possibility of distant objects which correspond identically via network communication.

This project combines aspects of each work to create a new communication interface.

Friends or couples living in distant places. People who want interactive art for their apartment or bedroom.

User Scenario
Each LED screen contains a grid of 32 tri-color LEDs, and a single "palette" LED. Users can change the color of each LED by choosing the color of the palette LED with a dial, then changing the color of an LED on the grid by touching it. This lets the users draw with colored light. Any change the user makes produces an identical change on another LED screen connected through the internet. The user will also see the changes another user is creating on their LED screen.

Users might notice their screen change after being away for a few hours. A recent change lets the user know that their friend is at home.

Two LED screens consisting of 32 tri-color LEDs each. LED drivers allow for full-color display. Infrared detectors allow the user to change the color of each LED by touching them. Xports allow for synchronization through the internet.

We learned how to use LED drivers and shift registers in order to control large numbers of LEDs, as well as using internet protocols to allow devices to communicate over the internet.