Jaymes Dec
Matthew Fargo


If underwear could talk, what might they say?

Mobile Application Design,Redial: Interactive Telephony

Jabberjockeys consist of a pair of underwear (one male, one female) which discreetly inform a partner when the other gets aroused. By sensing subtle changes in temperature, moisture and pressure the undergarments detect arousal. The underwear automatically notifies the partner by activating vibrating motors sewn into the fabric of their underwear, thus enabling them to discreetly share their heightened emotions.

Extensive user testing was required to determine the sensor values for "arousal". Our research has found that nobody has ever tried to network undergarments.

Adult couples.

User Scenario
User and a loved one wear their respective pairs of underwear. When one becomes aroused, the other's underwear starts vibrating. This in turn causes arousal in the second party which causes the instigator's underwear to vibrate, causing a feedback loop of excitement.

The sensors that are sewn into the underwear are galvonic skin response sensors, pressure sensorss and a stretch sensor. The ouput consists of a grid of small vibrating motors. The controllers are Arduino Lilypads. Communication is achieved via bluetooth to the wearer's cellphones.