Riddhima Janakkumar Shelat
Stefanie Wuschitz

KAMKAJ (ICT for Developing Nations)

Supply Chain Management System For Micro Enterprises

Dynamic Web Development,Mobile Application Design

For any business to survive, the information and the constant communication with its buyers, suppliers, manufacturers or the sellers of raw material, is vital. This communication channel is often asymmetrical in the case of people with micro or self-run businesses. While bigger businesses have in place complex SCM systems that tracks every product created and sold or distributed, micro businessmen rely on make shift methods such as taking notes, memory and the"what you see is all we have" method. Often Micro-entrepreneurs spend a lot of time travelling in order to gather information and find the suitable sellers and buyers.They also rely on middlemen as a communication channel – the link between them and their customers – who often holdback vital information. This project looks at providing micro entrepreneurs a streamlined SCM solution that is mediated by the high penetration of mobile use. Mobile phones have served to provide the first reliable access to telecommunications.This project aims at providing better opportunities to micro businesses in the following ways :
1. Increase awareness of opportunities for trade
2. Shorten the time taken to fulfill orders
3. Substitute for travel or complement it by improving coordination of
visits or just the placing of the orders via the phone.
4. Reduce communication costs in terms of time spent travelling,
transportation costs, and the opportunity cost of income foregone
when travelling
5. Improve product quality, and increase customer satisfaction.

People running Micro enterprises in rural, semi urban and urban areas.