Elim Cheng
Jong Min Kim
Sangwon Yu

Keep In Touch

Harmony generater "Keep In Touch"


Design Workshop,Introduction to Physical Computing - Thur (Holoubek)

"Keep In Touch" is musical instrument installation to encourage people to gather and make them not only interact with installation, but also

interact each other. This installation has multiple inputs and this installation is triggered by touching two inputs using human body. The left
hand part has the only one position fixed very left side of installation and right hand parts have multiple positions escalating both distance and
melody(accord) so that if people want to listen to more colorful accords, they have to reach to very right side. It can be possible by participating
more people simply holding their hands together to reach from very left side to right side because this installation is triggered by human body
resistance as a play button. Therefore, the more people participate, the better and colorful sounds they can hear. People could get physical
and emotional interaction by holding their hands during playing the "Keep In Touch".