Yun-Tzu Lee

Let the rain drop

Through internet, distant people now can stretch out their hands sprinkling rain upon your head.

Big Screens

This is a project for people to experiment controling over and being controled by people far from where they are. Internet connects people in different corner of the world by passing message, but more than that, it also can convey ”capability”. So the project aiming at inviting prople from everywhere to create the raining scene for people in front of the big screen.


This is the project Sony launched in this September. Through selecing color on website, everyone can decide the color for Sony building in Tokyo. I think this is just a start that one day the appearance of a city or an area will no be created by architect but people.

The people who are really interact with the big screen is not people walking by the screen, but the people who at the any corner of the world controling the scene through internet. For people standing in front of the screen, as long as they have access to internet, they can also create the scene for themselves.

The project are combined by two parts: graphics on big screen and website for user to create scene.
First part is created in Java, which imports lots of functions of Processing. Second part is a website created in Flash and store data through PHP and Mysql.