Yasmin Elayat

Lost and Found

A living video installation that melts and morphs due to the movements of passersby

Live Image Processing and Performance,The Softness of Things: Technology in Space and Form

As people walk by or stop to look at this piece, they'll be leaving behind captured traces, video impressions in a living, melting, bleeding video collage.

I've been using computer vision for projects and I wanted to use it this time not in tracking position, but in a more organic manner---as an environmental sensor.

Users that are just passingby (e.g. through a hallway), or people that actually interact with it.

User Scenario
The piece should be projected on a large wall or have 2 or 3 projections in series. Changes in the surrounding environment (i.e. people moving around, different people stopping to watch or not stopping to watch, changes in lighting) will feed and affect this piece.

It's a camera, computer and Max/Msp Jitter S/w Package. The lighting plays an integral role in how impressions of people are captured.