Lucia Jeesun Lee

Lost in Rain

Lost in Rain is a collection of lost umbrellas which you can experience a different video projection on them by opening up the umbrella.

Interactive Screens and Cinematic Objects,Live Image Processing and Performance

Under the raining sound, there are different lost/broken umbrellas with different colors folded on the table. As you open one of them, you begin to see a video projected on the umbrella.
The video is a combination of short images and loops related to the former owner's personal relationship with rain. Each umbrella will show a different video.

I found the artists who already tried a projection on different umbrellas. In their work RAIN/FALL Megan Roberts and Raymond Ghirardo used white traditional paper umbrellas to project abstract images falling like a rain.

To get an inspiration for a video contents, I am currently requesting people to post their different feeling and story on rain.

I collected broken umbrella with different colors.

Anyone who knows how it is to be under rain, and who knows how to open umbrella.

User Scenario
You hear a sound of rain and find a series of lost umbrellas.
You pick one of them, and as you open it up, you start to see a video on the umbrella with the sound from it.
As you close, the video and sound disappear.

Two projectors and camera will be hung on the ceiling facing down. Using the camera, I will program in Jitter to recognize each different colors from different umbrellas and to play a different video (projected to the umbrella) as one of the umbrella opens.