Keith Conway
Shin-Yi Huang
Tim Stutts
YouJeong Paik

Mood Base

a glowing collective mood indicator is influenced by several satellite individual mood indicators throughout a space, providing a unique emotional playground for light and sound.

Collaborative Mesh Networking

Mood Base uses a Zigbee radio protocol, where a coordinating Zigbee, is housed within a large glowing orb placed on the floor of ITP. The orb or Mood Base sends out a heart-beat to a call-and-response network of radios in hand-held enclosures within close proximity of the base station. These smaller "Mesh Pet" enclosures, in turn, send out their current mood status, determined by a potentiometer controlling pulse (excitement level) and another controlling a range of colorful LED moods. Each of the four pets will have a different personality, augmented by lights, simple sound-generating hardware, and unique fabrication. On the Mood Base the collective mood of the group is summed into a more complex relay-driven light display and vibrating sub-woofer drones, resulting in a playful a communication of light and sound.

Looking at examples in popular children's books and films ( see References ). Also, extensive user testing on subjective mood color, through interaction with the pets.

People of all ages interested in expressing their mood in an open social atmosphere.

User Scenario
Users experience Mood Base in a darkened space, standing around the base station and beaming out their emotions to the group, by manipulating controls on the individual satellites or "Mesh Pets." Playful communication of mood occurs through lights pulsing and changing color on the Mood Base.

The Mood Base is housed in a giant semi-translucent plastic orb that Tim discovered while walking in Greenpoint with a sign posted on it that said "take me." Inside the Mood Base are arrays of Tri-color LEDS, Zigbee Radio, Arduino, Sub-woofer, Aplifier, and Mac Mini running Max/MSP for sound generation.

The satellite Mesh Pets are constructed from a laser-cut plastic body with ceramic knobs controls and hair-like touch sensor to activate the pet. The inside include an perf-board mounted Arduino, Zigbee, and LEDS for mood and heart-rate.

Surrounding the installation are soft pillows and rugs to lull the participants into a state where they can openly express their moods.