Sonia Nelson


Lovers' heartbeats propel the animation in this abstract art piece.

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Computers for the Rest of You

A piece of art is embued with the passions of its creator. I want to take this obvious principle to a whole new level with O.Art. Two lovers' heartbeats, recorded during intimate acts, serve to propel the animation in this artpiece.

The final experience resembles a traditional art installation. Two round canvasses on a wall are arranged so that observers approach and passively watch the projected animation. "Hmmm...looks like some pretty safe generative art." Upon reading the poster-blurb that reveals that these are the heartbeats of two people engaged in sexual acts, observers are red/horrified/embarrassed/horny/tickled.

With this new information, the adventurous observer will take a second look. Do the heartbeats sync? Is one of the partners a cold-hearted snake with no variance in his heart rate? To what extent will the observers know the protagonists at the end of the experience? How personal/impersonal are these details of sex lives when abstracted to this extent?