Rui Pereira
Tim Stutts

PushMusic(); PopMusic();

Music Data recomposed in 3D space.

Computational Form

PM2 will provide a chronological music visualization within a perceptible structure and navigatable space.

PM2 is a C++ application that takes MIDI data from a linear composition created in a multi-track audio application and visualizes the data in 3D through OpenGL. The result are intricate graphics depicting subtle automations within music that are often overlooked by more traditional, subjective VJing approaches.

Michel Chion's "Audio-Vision", John Whitney, Music Animation Machine, Autechre's "Gantz Graf" video. Also, earlier projects by us that have dealt with similar issues, including "Big Time Remix." This audio track was made by cutting up samples from Peter Gabriel's “Big Time” and triggering them via soft sampler. The video is a screen capture of a piano roll style MIDI sequence that triggers the elements heard in the track. Color processing and perspective adjustments are added to enhance the presentation. View it:

The Scene.

User Scenario
Users will see the application parsing and structuring the data. They will also have the ability to navigate through the constructs and witness their evolution.

PM2 Involves one computer running music multi-tracking software tethered via Open Sound Control to a second computer running our application, which realizes the data in 3D. The first computer is connected a speaker pair for sound projection ( from the original midi project ), while the second displays the graphics onto a plasma display.