James Daher

Sacred Objects of Cathedral City

Cathedral City is our future dystopia - a planet Myth


Algorithmic Composition,Collaborative Mesh Networking,Metaforms,Project Development Studio (Danny),Show and Tell Studio II - sec 01

The four objects I will be presenting exist within Cathedral City and are key components to the immortals sacred rituals.

Cathedral City is post apocalyptic New York. Rising sea water, and perpetual war has destroyed Manhattan. NYC has been renamed Cathedral City.

Hero Quest, Epic Poetry, Myth

User Scenario
Jane and Joe approach the sacred objects from Cathedral City. Jane is attracted to the "Harbinger" she puts on the headphones and realizes that her presense is affecting the mood and sound of the piece. Joe is captivated by the images on the wall representing various scenes from Cathedral City, he sees the objects in front of him represented in the cinematic screen. Both Jane and Joe understand that the objects they are engaged with are artifacts from a cinematic envrionment.

There are two Sacred objects I will be presenting. The "Harbinger" is made of liquid plastic. The "dagger" is a polygonal reflective bird that will be used in a ritual I will be presenting for my final in MetaForms.

The objects displayed represent the story I am developing for my thesis. The website will serve to illustrate the story and future of Cathedral City.

Harbinger is an interactive cinematic object and will use camera tracking to control audio response. As the user approaches the lights within Harbigner change from a cool color to a warm color. The object delivers a message through its coded language using signal lights and audio to communicate its message. Each language icon is directly related to a sound, as the light indicates which symbol the user is to read the sound for that symbol is activated.

Led Drivers, Sinking RGB Leds, Built a geodesic inspired dome-like object. Experimented in Maya and used the rapid prototyping as AMS. I rediscovered an interest in epic poetry and the story of myth.