Stefanie Wuschitz

Singing Swing

The user records sounds and manipulates them by swinging on a swing set, changing motion, angle or speed.

Live Image Processing and Performance

In this project I turn a swing set into a noise instrument. The person swinging can record her voice and manipulate the generated sound by swinging. Data of the swing's motion, angle and speed get translated into sound effects. The three sensors capturing the data are part of a Wii Remote fixed to the bottom of the swing. The floor under the swing set serves as projection screen for the visualization of the captured data. The experience of swinging will be enhanced by the possibility to control sound and image while swinging.

Max Msp, Wii Remote

Everyone who enjoys playing with sound and swinging. It could be of help for children having problems with body balance.

User Scenario
The user puts on head phones, sits down on the swing and starts recording her voice. The sound will get layered on top of each other and looped. Very quickly the user will find out how to control the sound with speed, angle and motion of the swing. She will enjoy the visuals and manipulate them as well by movements on the swing.