Hatti Lim

Solar Textile

An application of sustainable energy design into wearable fashion practices.


Design Workshop

Solar Textile looks to implement sustainable practices into wearable fashion technology.

The technology involves a solar cell array that is harvesting energy to power a series of surface-mount LEDs that will be programmed (through a microcontroller) to simulate the shimmering quality of twinkling stars. Hoping to create new possibilities for imagining solar energy as a material for jewelry and fashion design, we wish to inspire people to think about the notion of energy as a precious material. By applying it to a somewhat debatable accessory [the headscarf], we hope to also address a different set of concerns regarding culture and nationality.

This project is an iteration of Solar Starlights: jewelry design inspired by the elegant and ephemeral beauty of solar energy. The project members wanted to highlight the attractive surface material of solar cells while tapping into magic of energy transformation. Solar Textiles explores these same concepts while investigating the iconic power of fashion statements though the headscarf.

Designers and people who are interested in fashion as an outlet for personal and/or social expression.

User Scenario
It is sunny, and you want to wear a head scarf to shield you from the sun. When you go inside/when it gets dark, your scarf which was once protecting you from the rays of the sun now radiates with the energy that it has collected, transforming it into a glamorous accessory.

200 solar cells, 50 LEDs, textile material.

We are implementing a new fully soft-circuit design developed by Leah Buechley.