Ji-Sun Lee

Tech D.I.Y. for moms and kids

Tech DIY encourages women to learn about technology with their daughters in ways that are simple and fun. The kits teach DIY craft and have solid engineering lessons behind them.


Project Development Studio (Danny),Thesis

Today more than ever, the importance of technology is increasing rapidly and related job opportunities are growing in electrical engineering, computer science and other related fields. Despite this trend, the female employment in these fields is still low. Creating interest in D.I.Y. technology for women and their children could help increase the number of females in all technology-based fields. When a mother and child are working on a D.I.Y. project together, the mother is shown to be a good role model for technology use. In brief, helping women to learn about technology, electronics and science in a way that interests them can be a good way for them to gain expertise and become role models for their young daughters. For this reason, technology DIY projects are a great solution for mothers and daughters.
The D.I.Y. (Do It Yourself) technologies project for women, Tech DIY, involves a holistic process of mothers and daughters learning electronics together and sharing this with others. The Tech DIY is used as an education kit including all of the materials to make the project along with paper and video instruction. Moreover, instructions inside of the kit will help the mother explain the fundamentals to her children The kit will help mothers and daughters learn step by step by moving from a beginner level to a more advanced level with soft materials and familiar themes, so that they will be drawn to technology in a natural way.