Daniel Soltis
James Daher
Justin Downs

Telltale Hearts

Telltale Hearts are devices that transform your heartbeat into vibrations that can be felt by a distant friend, and vice versa, establishing a tangible, subconscious physical connection.

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When you are close to and touching someone, you receive number of conscious and subconscious physical cues that can let you know what the person is thinking and feeling. From choice of words and actions, to tone of voice, facial expression, and body language, to body temperature and heartbeat.

Telltale Hearts is a project that allows one of the body's subtle cues, the heartbeat, to be communicated over a distance. It might serve as an aid to communication, or it might simply create a sense of tangible closeness acros distances that are usually more impersonal.

Telltale hearts consists of two sets of related devices:

1. Wearable heartbeat detectors. Each heartbeat detector detects the heartbeat of the person wearing it and and transmits it over a short distance to the other detector, which vibrates in time with the wearer's beating heart. Thus, if you and I are wearing them, I feel your heart beating, and you feel mine.

2. Wired heartbeat detectors. These two detectors each plug into a computer. When one person activates the detector by placing his or her hand on it, it detects his or her heartbeat and transmits it over the internet to the other device, which vibrates in response.