Derek Stoops

Thank You For Remembering Me

An exploration of the temporal relationship of individuals in a crowd.

Big Screens,Live Image Processing and Performance,Video Art

Monitors display the empty space. Video surveillance of the space is recorded and turned into a history of crowd movement. This memory of the crowd is then only selectively given back to the crowd by the action of individuals in that crowd. The presence of an individual cuts a slice in time out of the empty space portrayed on the monitors revealing the history of the space. Individuals use their own bodies as looking glasses into the recent past thus activating the short term memory of the space.

Anyone in a crowd in front of the image.

User Scenario
A person walks by the image of the scene around them and notices they don't appear in that scene but maybe someone near them does. They stop to investigate. After 5 seconds of not moving the person sees their own image 'fill in' where they are standing. They move and discover that their silhouette reveals the past imagery of that location. They then use their silhouette to frame and follow other's images or start to interact with their own past self creating feedback loops.

version 1 : 6 flat screens, 3 Mac Pros and 1 Sony FX-1
version 2 : 1 projection screen, 1 projector (i can provide this), 1 Mac Pro, 1 Sony FX-1

Version 1 is the Big Screens testing setup. Version 2 exists because version 1 takes up a lot of space and resources.

The project works now and can be demonstrated in the lobby screens.