Tonio jungho Jung

The Highline Forest

The indoor forest in virtual space

From Physical to Virtual Spaces and Back,Metaforms

The Highline forest is an Indoor Forest in Virtual Space.It's an ecological experience where visitors effect the health of a forest by interacting with parts of the physical structure of the West rail yard in NYC. It's also an educational Opportunity for New Yorkers to think more deeply about issues of sustainability.

By controlling Virtools files with a Mouse and Keyboard, people can travel around the inside of the Indoor Forest and see how all of the structures move after being interacted with.

In the U.S. today, people recognize the importance of preserving the environment. "Sustainability" has become a major concern in many fields and industries. The Highline Forest, my proposal for how the Highline space should be used, could not only re-introduce people to nature, but it might also encourage people to think green. The indoor forest in this urban space could serve as an educational opportunity for those people who are rarely exposed to Nature.

User Scenario
The Highline Forest is artificial. But it acts as a living ecosystem that senses changes in the environment and responds to them. Human beings interact with the system just like they interact with Nature. When people treat the enivronment respectfully,i mean peopl keep pure this area,the system of cubes allows them to move around the space freely.

When the sun goes up the cubes begin to move allowing access into the forest. The movement of the cubes, based on how the environment is treated,
could, for example, reconfigure to allow access to a river, or form a cover for blocking ultraviolet rays and rain, or could serve as a new source of energy. One arrangement of the cubes could serve as a source of wind power.

Using pollutants would freeze the cubes, making it more difficult to navigate the space. The Highline Forest and its sensing system teach people how the environment responds to pollutants and how important green living is to accessing nature in the future.