Lucas Longo
Neilson Abeel
Shlomit Lehavi


Interactive 3D game

From Physical to Virtual Spaces and Back

Togiland is an interactive 3D game made in Maya and Virtools.

The Game:

The player controls Togi, who lives on an island. Togi's brothers Dogi, Fogi and Yogi all live on their own nearby islands. Togi's brothers spend most of their time sleeping, so Togi has to get in his boat, visit each of his brothers and wake them up. When each brother is woken up, Togi returns to his island and a magical transformation brings the brothers together to play! This concludes the game.

The Characters:

Togi: The Team leader, the one who gets things done. Togi goes around the islands to make sure his slacker brothers wake up, so they can all play at the end of the day.

Dogi: The Drunk. Dogi spends his days drinking coconut water. He's a bit slovenly in his appearance and so is his island.

Fogi: The Fish Addict. Fogi spends his days hypnotized by his aquarium. He sometimes eats his fish.

Yogi: The Yuppie. Yogi spends his time trying to get ahead. He spends too much time stock trading online and then passes out at his desk.


The player controls Togi's movement and has to figure out how to wake his brothers.

Adults and children.

Maya and Virtools.