Alejandro Abreu
Oscar G. Torres
Stella Kim

A Little Awkward

A website which encourages friendly interactions between strangers in urban places.


Designing Around Place,Dynamic Web Development,Graphical User Interface Design in AJAX

Users will log on to the site when they'd like to do something with someone (grab some lunch, coffee, a beer, etc.), but don't have a friend on hand to accompany them. On the site, users will post an invitation for an 'awkward encounter' to the neighborhood in which they are situated. Other users in the same neighborhood will then see this invitation and have the choice of meeting up with the poster for the selected activity. When another user accepts, both parties will receive sms messages explaining where they should meet and how to identify each other upon arrival. During the encounter, the strangers will have to take a photo of an awkward sighting/moment for upload to the website. This photo will serve as proof of the encounter and offer an ice breaking activity to engage in while interacting with the new stranger. The hope is that through use of the website people will meet all sorts of interesting characters in the city and have great stories to tell afterward.