Anaid Gomez Ortigoza


Awear is a set of wearable electronic devices that increase body and space awareness.


The Softness of Things: Technology in Space and Form

This is an exploration into wearable sensors and the importance of body / space awareness.

I have a back problem caused by an accident and made worse by too much computer time and not enough good posture. I constantly slouch and don't really notice for long periods of time and by the time I do, my back hurts. Looking around other people sit just as badly as me!
the suspenders
Going to physical therapy I've found out that corsets and body braces are the least preferred thing by the therapists because people stop putting effort into sitting properly and it becomes harder for the patient in the long term. This kind of sensor could help people improve their posture through awareness.
the belt
I worked on a shoe that vibrates when it's pointed north. This belt vibrates towards north. It's a wearable compass that helps the disoriented by a very simple but important aspect: where is north! coming out of the subway, while snowboarding down a mountain or on a nature walk, this belt can help us get oriented.

People who at the end of the day have back pain.
Disoriented people!

User Scenario
A person wears this suspenders. They turn the small switches on when they think they might need a posture readjusting. As their shoulders drop down from a good posture point to a bad one and the vibrating sensor alerts them.

there's an arduino, 2 vibration motors and stretchy conductive fabric that closes the circuit as the person slouches.
a compass module from sparkfun, and vibrating motors make up the belt.

broke a lot of conductive thread, tried many different switches and an oriented shoe instead of a belt.