Ramona Pringle
Xue Hou


Inspired by “Ballerina di 14 anni” by Edgar Degas, “Ballerina” integrates classical content with contemporary tools and technology, bringing the sculpture to life with ghost-like holographic dancers floating on layers of gauze and tulle.


Video Sculpture

Inspired by “Ballerina di 14 anni” by Edgar Degas, our ballerina has come to life on multiple layers of gauze/tulle.

The fabric is inspired by the softness of the ballerina’s skirt, and with multiple sheer sheets, capturing the various “generations” of multiple projected sources, the result is a ghost like layering of dancers.

We wanted to create a classical piece using contemporary tools, and build a piece that people interacted with spatially, seeing different perspectives on the piece, overlapping dancers, and echoes of their motions, depending on your viewing angle.

It was also important to us that this piece not appear "digital" but rather embody the grace of classical ballet and the softness of the dancers movements.

The piece was created to appeal to people of all ages, as a reinterpretation of an older sculpture, and a way to excite people about the classics.

One version of this sculpture uses proximity sensors to gauge when people are close by, and the dancer freezes, returning to her state as a sculpture, when people come close... As if the sculptures in a museum came to life at night when no humans were around to see them.

Ideally, we could scale up the production to an entire hallway, room or lobby, with more sheets of fabric and different gauzy textures for the visual "echoes" that dance together.