Nobuyuki Nakaguchi

Breath note

An interactive project that captures the nostalgic childhood moment of writing messages on a canvas of breathy fog.


Introduction to Computational Media (Wed)

This interactive project was inspired by my childhood memory of breathing into a glass window on a cold day and watching my breath condense to form a canvas for drawing and notes. Participants are asked to breath on the screen and fog is rendered near the location of the mouth though a face detection algorithm. Size of the fog is determined by the volume of the breath captured through a mic. Once the participant has created a canvas of fog, they can draw or write a note using their finger. When the user is satisfied, they can send the image to a friend through email.

See personal statement.

Adults 18-45. Anyone who grew up in cold climate and finds condensation art nostalgic.

User Scenario
- User finds the project fascinating and begins to interact
- User breaths into the screen to create an area of fog
- User draws an image or write a note with his/her finger
- User choose to email the image to a friend
- User enters his email, the recipient's email addresses and a brief message via keyboard
- User sends email

Processing 148
- Mouth location is determined through a webcam and calculated via FaceDetect library
- Size of fog is determined by volume through a mic and captured via Minim library
- Touch screen is used to draw or write the note in the fog

Providing feedback to the end user is critical. Communicating the intended first action is critical for an interactive project's success. Face detection is generally tricky.