Steven Litt


The CrudBox is a 16 step sequencer/drum machine which allows users to create and compose rhythmic electroacoustic music by manipulating motors, solenoids, and other physical objects and amplifying their sounds in real time.


Materials and Building Strategies,New Interfaces for Musical Expression

Whereas every existing sequencer and drum machine before the CrudBox created sound electronically, using either 1) analog synthesis, in which sound is created by manipulating voltage in real time, or 2) prerecorded or preprogrammed digital sound, the CrudBox creates sound by recording, looping, and editing the actions of motors, solenoids, and virtually any other physical, mechanical object, attaching them to any surface, object, or material, and then amplifying their sounds in real time. There is absolutely no recording of audio in the CrudBox. All the sounds are created acoustically in real time.

People interested in difficult listening and abrasive sounds.

User Scenario
The user selects 8 motors or solenoids and plugs them into the output panel of the Crudbox, then lays them on top of or affixes them to a contact mic-ed surface. Then the CrudBox is turned on, to be played in the same manner as traditional drum machines and step sequencers like the TR-808 and the Korg Electribe.