Alex Kowal
Armanda Lewis
Dominique Ahkong
Donna Cameron
Eduardo Lytton
Eun Jung Park
Hee Joo
Heidi Frank
Hye Jung Chung
Jason Krugman
Jody Zellen
Jose Angel Olivares
Matthew Young
Peng Zhao
Seung Jun Lee
Xue Hou
Yingxian Wu
Zannah Louise Marsh

Frame By Frame Kiosk

A collection of videos and animations that were made using After Effects and programatic algorithms. Students were encouraged to deconstruct and re-assemble images to create works that recontextualized original material, critiqued the images we see every day, and created new contemporary myths. Please click on the DVD links to play the individual videos.


Frame By Frame: Creation and Manipulation of the Moving Image