Andrew Jordan

Gumball Time Machine!

Each gumball has a unique and powerful story to tell you, so step up to the machine, pop a coin, and live a past or future gumball life for yourself!


Video Sculpture

Each gumball transaction rewards the gumball fan with a magical look into a far away gumball world. Peer into the glass of the machine and you will find gumball galaxies dancing in deep space, enchanting gumball trees, and villages where it rains gumballs.

I have built the working phys comp parts and have installed them. I have filmed and recorded some of the full stories, and need just to make some more.

All ages, fantasy lovers

User Scenario
While the machine is not active, flashes from different stories will call people to the machine. Once someone drops a video into the machine, they will see a video projected from the rear of the gumball globe. The next person will insert another coin, and a unique new video will appear.

Rigged with an Arduino and photointerrupter, the machine triggers one of a series of videos when a coin passes through its bowels. All of the sound is composed by the artist (except for one 20 second tune which was remixed by the artist) and the video content is a mix of edited found footage and freshly filmed scenes. All content is suitable for children, and it is all intended to send you to a mysterious place and time.

I have built the working p comp parts and have installed them. I have filmed and recorded some of the full stories which can be found at the above url. I just need to make a few more shots and I'll be off and running. Once all is done, there will be about 10 different films varying between 10-40 seconds in length played at random throughout the show.

I am starting to learn how to make a convincing narrative in under 30 seconds, and how to define an aesthetic across a few different shorts dealing with different types of material. I also learned how to install a photo-interrupter inside a gumball machine after breaking one while trying to install it.