Jayoung Chung

Heart has its own reason

Heart has its own reason


Introduction to Computational Media (Thu),Introduction to Physical Computing (Wed)

Heart has its own reason, of which reason knows nothing.

Odilon redon _ heart has its own reason
(my first, strong inspiration)

anyone who has the HEART

User Scenario
You can see one screen and one phone, which has the sensor catching your heart-Rate, emotion.
when you grab the phone and call somebody whom you miss or feel something,
Heart rate will be shown on the screen as a bird or something -beating the wings.
Your heart rate will be different depending on the person on the other end of the line.
Maybe, it's time to confess your heart to him or her. Call him or her.
You can see your heart. I will make them for you, beautifully.. Believe me.

Processing with Arduino, sensors, phone.
"Polar Heart Rate Monitor Interface", "accelerometer" will be inside the grip of phone.
it will be connected to processing image.

My people can realize that thier heart has its own reason.
I hope touch people's heart.

- HUMAN is more Important than Technology