Karla Calderon
Patrick John Grizzard

Here and There

Video installation that projects the viewer's body into a virtual cinema audience composed of previous viewers.

Introduction to Physical Computing (Wed AM)

Video installation that combines live & recorded video within a recreated cinema setting, using a video camera, projector, screen, theater chair, ambient lighting and audio appropriated from classic Hollywood cinema. When the viewer takes their seat, the lights go down, a scene of a movie theater is projected on the screen, accompanied by the soundtrack to Alfred Hitchcock's 1958 classic Vertigo. A live video feed of the viewer is composited with recorded video of previous occupants of the seat, transposing the viewer into a virtual audience onscreen. The "virtual" audience, ghostly and semi-present, disappears and reappears in different seats throughout the auditorium.

Here and There is informed by an engagement with and interest in the following ideas and themes: Duality and nonduality. Presence and absence. Trace and index. Spatial and temporal dislocations and the experience of being in multiple places or times at once. The question of what it means to view oneself in the act of viewing. The porosity/instability of borders between private and public, self and other, viewing subject and object of contemplation.