Tim Szetela

Motion Trace

a dynamic record of paths of movement


Creative Networking

We may mindlessly walk from point A to point B, but everyone has a certain step and personality to their movement. I hope to give more weight and meaning to this movement by leaving a record of the motion, with a visualized trace. By adding life to the traces (through subsequent movement and behavior) and to the space as represented on the screen (through its attempted healing and removal of the trace) a person's path and movement then will gain more consequence. And through the observation of the paths' interactions, I hope also to encourage more expression by users in these normally mundane or ignored motions.

User Scenario
A user will walk past the monitor. A color trail will form behind them as they move through the space. Their trail then will immediately begin affect the screen. Their specific trail will spread throughout the network of pixels, a representation of the space in front of the screen (which the camera sees). As other users enter, their traces too will affect the space. If users only watch the space (without entering it), the space will slowly heal itself, and the traces will fade away.