Sandra Irma Davila
Thomas Chan


Charades for the Live Web


Live Web

Charades has traditionally been a well-known party game played in fixed spaces such as a living room. This project aims to bring charades to a new virtual space with the use of live web camera and instant chat technologies. Players take turns acting out a work or phrase, while others make guesses in the form of chat messages. This web experience captures the same liveliness, body language and social interaction as in the traditional game.

Anyone that has a web-cam and is able to use web interfaces.

User Scenario
User logs in.
Waits for the next game to start.
User is designated a role (Actor or Guesser)
Implements its role (Act or guess).
Win or Looses.

The flash-based interface was created in Flex Builder, while the server software was designed for Flash Media Server.