David Steele Overholt
Meredith Jacqueline Hasson
Taylor Levy

Photo Mosaic

A photo mosaic of the ITP Winter Show 2008 postcard that uses pictures of current ITP students as the tiles.


Introduction to Computational Media (Wed)

This mosaic plays with the idea of the individual versus the community. By taking the individual images of current ITP students and combining them together to form a mosaic (representing the ITP community), you are able to show how the individual manifests itself into many forms.

I first did a horse (41 x 33 feet) who's images were from my backpacking trip through Europe this past Summer 2008. It was a great personal reflection of something I love (horses), and a very fun, enjoyable time in my life. I love being able to zoom in and out of the horse and pan across it as I revisit my memories from Europe.

All Audiences

User Scenario
Observe the photo and try to figure out what it is representing and the deeper meaning.

The mosaic is made of 30 x 30 pixel images of all current ITP students that were preloaded into the Processing data folder. If I continue with this project, I hope to make a program that allows a user to access images from Flickr or Facebook to create a mosaic of their own choice.

The mosaic possibilities are endless and it's up to the creator to find the right combination that meets their needs and purpose.