Kristin OFriel
Mitchell Said
Thomas Chan
Yaminie Patodia


Stories that know where you are


Designing Around Place,Dynamic Web Development,Narrative Lab

Plott is a framework for delivering rich media content specific to your location. We are interested in exploring the relationship between narrative and physical space, specifically investigating how an immersive context transforms traditional narrative form. We developed on two platforms to explore the delivery of location-specific content: the iPhone and Google Maps' 'Street View'. We enlisted the iPhone for its ability, as a mobile device, to use natural movement through physical space as its interface - allowing for sustained narrative experience. We leveraged Google’s database of compelling panoramic imagery in Street View to enable an alternative exploration of physical space online.

Content: TED (interesting people), Narrative Tours, Speed Levich, Letters, Memories
Delivery: Conversations, Phone Calls, Public Art Audio Tour, This American Life

Curious city dwellers, iPhone users, Tourists, Storytellers

User Scenario
Dimitrius is visiting New York City on business and finds himself with the afternoon free when a meeting is cancelled. He pulls out his iPhone, starts up the application and sees that there is a story based near his hotel. He walks to the park to begin and spends the next few hours captivated walking through the streets listening to the stories of early immigrants in the LES.

Plott consists of a narrative, an iPhone application, and a web based Google Street View hack.

Geolocation on the iPhone does not yet deliver precision.
Finding a balance between top-down story telling and user driven direction and exploration requires a great deal of consideration.